AI Can Predict Injury Risks

Our software helps assess mobility health & recommend solutions

We use AI to detect

Motion Problems in Older Adults

Our proprietary computer vision models can detect specific mobility problems such as

Motion problems can increase

Specific Health Risks

Trained AI models can establish correlations between mobility patterns and health issues such as

Software recommends solutions to

Improve Mobility & Quality of Life

Our software recommends corrective actions & helps measure recovery over time.

We deliver to our customers

Bottom Line Results

Insurance Cos

Smarter Diagnosis with AI

In a 20 second test, orthopedists and therapists can capture problems that are hard to identify with human eyes and take early corrective measures.

Assisted Living
Independent Living
Memory Care

Reduced Risk of Injury

Preventive check-up reduces resident injury and helps to avoid revenue loss for senior living operators.

Senior Day Care
Home Care

Lower Operating Costs

A care provider with little experience can do diagnosis tests on multiple seniors.

Our Software helps you

Add more to Topline

Senior Living
Insurance Cos

Deeper Engagement

Test reports and alerts can be shared with family – helps with customer retention.

Fitness gyms

Attract New Customers

Catching a potential health risk early at very little cost is very valuable to patients and seniors considering assisted living.

Product Developers

Benchmark Products

Product developers partner with us to measure performance of prototype solutions in improving mobility of seniors with known conditions.